The oracle


The oracle has the appearance of a 12 year old boy. He has short, messy black hair and blue eyes. Despite his innocent look, looking into his blue eyes reveals a look of knowledge and wisdom beyond his years. Sometimes when giving a foretelling or during other powerful rituals, his eyes lose their pupils and become completely white.


Lucas is rarely refereed to by name, and his name being mentioned in Sebastian’s last order indicates that the need to make sure the PCs find the right person outweighs the risk of using his name. Most members of the Liberation army refer to him simply as “the oracle”.

The oracle has a past even more mysterious to that of Kage. No one knows how he got to have his power or why he doesn’t age. Appearances are deceptive. Not only is Lucus not really a young boy, but a powerful sorcerer who commands deadly powers of lighting and thunder. Moreover, he posses the unique talent of tellings. These are prophetic visions that only he has. Sometimes he can bring them on by completing complex rituals and concentrating, other times they come on unexpectedly. In any case, these visions may be of the past, the present, or a possible future. If it is of the future, sometimes the foretold events can be prevented, other times they can not. In any case, knowing what might or is likely to happen can help the army prepare for it.


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