Liberation Army Spy/Ninja


A small man, but not weak. He has those toned, long thin muscles that are subtle but deadly. Kage seems mysterious and a man of few words. Even his name is mysterious. Noone knows his true name.


Kage was an orphan that was raised in a monastery and learned the ancient was under master Katashi. He was taught discipline, self control, mental and physical fitness, martial arts, philosophy, and ancient spiritualism. One day the orphanage burned down. Kage was just a boy, but it gave him an advantage in staying low and avoiding the smoke. While other children ran, and others panicked and died, Kage wrapped himself in a wet towel, and used another wet towel to smoother flames near the entrance to master Katashi’s room. He broke down the door to save him, but when he got there he found the master had already broken down the wall with his bare hands and escaped. He went back in and let several disoriented children to safety, as well as dragged one boy who was unconscious from the smoke out of the building. Katashi had also gone in several times. On his last time in, Katashi noticed cage crawling out and coughing from the smoke. He lifted him up and admonished him “Kage, why are you so slow to get out? I thought I taught you better than that”. To which Kage replied “I was one of the first out, but also one of the last”. Katashi looked at him, a look of understanding and appreciation on his face. “Kage, today you became a man” he said. “You know the true meaning of self sacrifice, of determination, of courage, and of doing what is right. Believe it or not, there is little else I can teach you. Sure I can teach you more about martial arts, mathematics, or philosophy, but nothing you will learn is as important as what you already learned. You have always been my best student, but you have proven yourself worthy of my most secret teachings. Things I only dare teach those that are morally pure, for in the wrong hands, these techniques could be very dangerous”.

Katashi continued to instruct a smaller number of orphans up in the mountains. Some of those who survived had to go to traditional orphanages, except for a select few. These best and brightest, including Kage were taught in his mountain home. He taught them all the regular curriculum, but Kage he also taught his secret teachings. These were a different way to access one’s ki. This was the way of the ninja. Stealth, infiltration, lock-picking, assassination, espionage, sabatoge, and martial combat, both with and without weapons, were all techniques that Kage mastered. By the time Kage was 15, he could already move silently and unseen in the night, could blend into a crowd, could kill stealthy up close and from a distance. He could jump great distances, could climb, swim, hold his breath for long periods of time, squeeze through tight spaces, untie himself, even slip out of some manacles. His skills have only improved since then. By the time he was 20, he could best Katashi in armed and unarmed combat. It was on his 20th birthday that Katashi declared “it is the proudest day in any teacher’s life when he sees his pupil surpass him. Kage, there is no more I can teach you. You are your own man. Go into the world, and use all that you know to better mankind.” Kage was also beaming with pride “it is with great honour that I take your leave, master. You have taught me everything I know. I will not disappoint you or bring dishonour to you”. To which Katashi replied “I know. I have complete faith in you. Remember the other thing we discussed?”. Kage replied “yes master, no one shall know my true name. I will only ever refer to myself as Kage”. Katashi then said “Good, go now, and take whatever supplies you need”.

Kage wondered the world for 2 years. He had adventurers, living off the land and off the spoils of monsters that were stupid enough to attack him. He avoiding getting involved in situations when he could help it. He mostly just observed. Katashi had taught him the importance of observing the world around him. Of being conscience of nature and of all things, living and none. He learned a lot from different cultures. He spent 6 months living among the elves, 3 months with the dwarves, 1 one with Eladrin, 2 with the barbarian tribes, 4 months in the wilderness with no other sentient beings, and the rest of his time among various human societies. He came to the conclusion that the absolute most evil thing in the world at this time was the empire. He knew then how he would use his abilities to benefit the world. He joined the Liberation army as a spy. He was one of the first sent north to infiltrate the northern Liberation army. As a sleeper agent, he spent a year helping them, gaining there trust and slowly manipulating them so that they would be more willing to join with the southern organization that had the resources to get things done. While with them he also helped rescue many political prisoners from the dungeons of the capital, including the PCs.

Kage was named as one of the chosen ones. Like the PCs, his soul is linked to the destiny of the world. This will be revealed when the PCs reach Lucus.


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