Member of the Liberation Army


James has always been a bit of a coward. He doesn’t like fighting, but knows that the empire is in the wrong. He may think of himself as a complete failure, but in reality he thinks quickly on his feet, and would rather survive to fight another day then die a pointless death. When he saw the betrayal that led to his leader dying, he acted fast. He didn’t have a healing potion or any way to stop Sebastian from dying. He did the only thing he knew how to try and save his leader, and that is by getting help. Although not fast enough to save his leader, his actions alerted the PCs to the problem, possibly saved their lives from being murdered in their sleep, and in so doing gave the liberation army a chance to live. Unfortunately many do not see it that way, and see him as the coward who ran away. He internalizes this to the point of believing it himself.


A farmer by trade, James’ farm was confiscated after a strange occurrence of monsters coupled with an unusually long drought left him unable to pay the increasing steep imperial taxes. He ran south from the empire and started a smaller farm with his brother Fred. He and Fred heard rumours of the empire posturing for war with the southern nations and knew that the south, even if they worked together, would eventually fall. He knew the only true way to bring down the empire was from within, and so he was taken in by a speech given by Sebastian . He joined the liberation army to help fight for the freedom of those good men who were slaves to the empire to the north, and to get back at them for taking his livelihood. Fred followed soon after.


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